Playbrush Smart is a highly interactive attachment for manual toothbrushes , which measures speed, duration and position to be able to get good brushing feedback. The algorithm is designed in a way that kids brush all around their mouth using an unique reward scheme (medals) makes kids want to come back (regularity). 

It is a little bit like magic: You simply place your normal manual toothbrush into the Playbrush Smart gadget and the toothbrush immediately turns into a gaming controller. Now, you can start a Playbrush game on a smartphone or tablet and the Playbrush Smart device connects automatically. Henceforth, your children (and maybe even yourself) will be able to solve fun & instructional challenges whilst brushing their teeth. You will find further information in the Playbrush Smart manual. 

1. Put the toothbrush into Playbrush Smart    

2. Start the app on your phone, 

3. Start brushing as well as you can to score points, 

4. You are a star brusher.

Playbrush Smart Sonic as a superstar: The Playbrush Smart Sonic translates brushing movements into playing fun games, evaluates brushing and monitor data over time, measures pressure, position, duration regularity. Playbrush Smart Sonic has 17000 strokes per minute with extra soft indicator bristles. Includes also in-game audio instructions and quick statistics, a medal system and worldwide leaderboards. The Playbrush Smart Sonic is waterproof, of course! 

1. Charge Playbrush Smart Sonic and press play button to activate 

2. Download Playbrush app, connect Playbrush Smart Sonic via Bluetooth and brush’n’play.