To advance to a new level in the Utoothia games (except Utoothia Sky), all medals must be collected in each level. If you click on the medal, a window will appear explaining the medal and the progress in more detail.

Endurance Medal: Your child must brush their teeth twice a day (morning and evening). If, for example, 0/2 is displayed, this means that you have not brushed twice a day in this level. You need to clean 2 days & twice a day (in some games these days have to be consecutive, otherwise the progress counter starts again).

Top inside / bottom inside / left outside / right outside: Your child must clean this side for a certain number of seconds.

Regularity: Your child must brush his or her teeth at least once a day - the necessary days must be consecutive.

Accuracy: A certain number of seconds per side must also be achieved here.

Performance: In Utoothia a certain number of Crobies must be stopped.

Consistency: Here you have to clean at the right speed for at least 60 seconds on consecutive days.

Skill (only in Utoothia Paint): All 4 pictures per chapter have to be painted to get this medal.